Homelessness is a challenging situation which many societies suffer from. The condition of people without a permanent residence, such as a house or apartment is known as homelessness. Individuals who are homeless are most often incapable of obtaining and maintaining basic, secured and satisfactory housing.1 The term homeless has varying legal definitions depending upon the rules and regulations of each country. The folks whose main residence at the time of night is in a shelter or in the streets, for example, in a homeless shelter, a domestic violence shelter, a vehicle, long-term residence in a motel, squatting, a tent city, cardboard boxes, tarpaulins, or in squatter settlements made of discarded building materials or in any other form of unplanned housing situations, are referred to as the homeless. The homeless do not just miss out on a personal, physical space but they also fail to connect with their ancestries, develop their identity, they sense a lack of security, a sense of belonging and a place of emotional comfort. There are many factors that trigger people to become homeless. This essay explores some of the main causes and consequences of homelessness, such as poverty, relationship problems, domestic violence, and being LGBT.


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