Hooliganisms instance leveraging the price of the ticket

Hooliganisms has many theories which can be found at week 3 lecture, pages 17-19. The riot of hooliganisms might be complex and involve a lot of factors, however technology is being used to extinguish this behaviour.

For many years the police are trying to deny the action of hooligans without success. According to them, the issue is identify and separate the ordinary supporter from the ones who wants trouble. In Brazil, hooliganism is common among what they call “organized supporters”. This group of people receive sometimes money and tickets from the soccer club and have illegal business, for instance leveraging the price of the ticket and selling it which is a crime. With all that, they fight with others “organized club supporters”. The fights are scheduled days before the game and somewhere away from the stadium.

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After a huge country debate, all the supporters from these groups are been identified. If you want to participate at these groups, you must do biometrics and take pictures. For those who participate in fights they have to present themselves at the police station during their soccer club game within 2 hours before the game starts. In addition to that, the police are more prepared to track the individuals using face scanning with the security cameras from the stadium.

It is crucial for the good of the sports that technology continue evolving to help control hooliganism even more, but yet technology is destroying this phenomenon.


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