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How do you show leadership in your life? How do you see yourself being a leader at UT Austin?
According to me, being a leader is a person who knows when to lead and when to follow, a person who won’t let people down but lifts them up, a person who tries to hear what their saying and understand it. Fortunately I was able to realize all of these qualities when I was the Captain of my Basketball team and when I had to carry my team through victories or lift their spirits up through defeats. Being also a council member (Sports Secretary) I was able to hear what 900 students were saying and understand their problems and react accordingly. On the other hand, being the elder brother I realized that one does not need a position to lead when I had to take care of my brother not in a demanding and bossy way but in a loving and affectionate way. Moreover, I always had this way of approaching people and their problems and cherished the moment when I was able to make them solve their own problems. So I would like to become the student body president working with students and sharing their problems to resolve them, and informing school leaders and the student council of ideas arising from the class,and leading class cabinet meetings and organizing all kinds of student activities and events.


I'm Casey!

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