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How does Lakshmi change from the beginning to the end of the book Sold by Patricia McCormick? A cite from Women’s Studies defines human trafficking as modern-day slavery and involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act. This paper will demonstrate how the main character, Lakshmi changes throughout the book by evaluating her change of perspectives.  First thing to remember, the storyline of Sold is about a girl in Nepal who gets traded into sexual slavery in India. Lakshmi is a girl who grew up in rural society. She has lived on a mountaintop in Nepal for twelve years. She has a goat, a baby brother, a mother, and a stepfather.

Lakshmi thinks her stepfather is a good-for-nothing because he does doesn’t work and gambles the little money they have. Later on, Lakshmi’s stepfather gets an offer for a job in the city for her daughter. He tells her she will be cleaning a rich person’s house, but surprisingly gets sold. “I do not know what they have agreed to.

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But I do know this: he gives her nearly enough money to buy a water buffalo”(9). “Auntie” was the lady who would be taking Lakshmi into the Happiness House where she would be forced to please every man that wants her. Lakshmi must do as she is told in order for her to get money and finish paying her debt. To begin with, the fact that Lakshmi would remain captive until she pays off her debt forces her to do unexpected acts. She never imagined that it would transform her from an innocent child to a woman who has experienced indecent acts that no one should have to experience. “If he turns to you in the night, you must give yourself to him, in the hopes that you will bear him a son”(6.

). Lakshmi does not see herself as a girl who is fighting for her self and her family. Instead, she sees a girl who has lost her way and become a person without worth. “No one can hear me. Not even the gods”(2-3).

Lakshmi is hurting emotionally and physically. She keeps her feelings to herself because she cannot trust anyone in the Happiness House.Secondly, in Nepal, we see a Lakshmi who is curious and caring.  “Inside my head I carry: my baby goat, my baby brother, my ama’s face, our family’s future”(20-21).

But is becomes a different person while stays in Urban India. She hides and becomes broken. She experiences a feeling of helplessness and lack of control. “But what?” she says.

She pulls the leather strap out from under her skirt and slaps it against her open palm. I bow my head”(13-14). This type of submission or acts are not like the Lakshmi we first got to know. The new Lakshmi feels obligated to surrender to whatever she is told to do. Furthermore, as we follow Lakshmi’s journey, we start to understand her conflicting views of men. Traditionally, men have more social power than women in Nepal.

Lakshmi thinks this is not the case. “Ama says we are lucky to have a man at all. She says I am to honor and praise him, respect and thank him for taking us in after my father died. And so I act the part of the dutiful daughter” (.3-4).

Lakshmi’s experience in the brothel alters her view of men dramatically in a negative way. She begins to see how so many men—the customers, the police—are corrupted and how they use her and other women to suit their own purposes. More importantly, though, Lakshmi’s thinks her own self-worth as a woman is unforgettably changed by her abuse. Lakshmi calls the city she’s in the “city of the dead” because the people seem to not have any hope. Keep in mind, the less fear she shows, the less she has to suffer.  “You are safe here only if you do not show how frightened you are”(22-23).

“Auntie” teases Lakshmi for being scared and for not wanting the attention other girls desire to have. In conclusion, Lakshmi perspectives changed throughout the book. Many of her values and characteristics change as the months go by and she loses hope in life. Sold is a great book that teaches us about human trafficking in India. The story of Lakshmi is touching and hopefully inspires us to help and be better human beings.Since it is so easy for things to disappear from our lives and ourselves, it is important to appreciate what a person has before they lose it.


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