How social media but even that can

How many times have you seen someone on their phone in public and thought that they are messing around on social media instead of doing something that’s productive? Personally, I see this every day, but I think nothing of it because I also do it. However, if this happens inside of a school, their phone will usually be taken off them. This is often because it is against school rule to have a mobile phone out during class but do the teachers ever think that “maybe they might be looking up information that is relevant to the subject that I am teaching?” This is something that students do to help themselves in the long run. Yes, they may be on social media but even that can help them exponentially as there are many accounts on all types of social media platforms based on students and their academic life. They are a highly beneficial tool for everyone who is still in permanent education for that reason. For example, if they don’t understand some of the material then they can look it up on the internet and get help on that. We live in a generation where everything is at our fingertips! We can get access to all sorts of help where sometimes we just can’t get it at school. Yes, schools usually have a computer room which is where looking the material up is meant to take place in but what if you aren’t in that room? Then what? Are you just going to deal with it and blame the teacher for not showing you how to do it properly when you get a bad result on a test or exam on that. No! of cause you’re not. You will want to look it up and learn properly.


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