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SiocoMaster Teacher 1, Panilao Elementary School, Pilar DistrictEducators, particularly classroom teachers, when asked what affects learning will give different answers centered on teaching method and strategies, demographic files of the learners and family matters among others. It’s not ordinary to hear color as one of the influences in the teaching and learning to process. Colors as stimulator in the acquisition of knowledge are often overlooked. Not everybody understands that choices in what shades and hues to paint in the walls and furniture of a classroom have a significant effect in setting the mood of the learners. The impact color has on a room and its occupants had been studied and researched.

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Conclusions linked color to the positive and negative emotions. It also defines the purpose of the study inside a classroom: quiet study, collaboration, or relaxation. Here are some tips to guide teachers on how to color classrooms and make them more conducive to learning: Yellow: Causes positive feelings and creativity; maintains attention Orange: Improves alertness Green: Gives peace and calmness Purple: Gives peace and calmness Brown: Reduces feelings of fatigue; brings a sense of relaxation and security Off-White: Improves attention span and positive feelings Blue: Lowers temperature; tranquilizes; inhibits appetite; makes a sense of well-being Red: Brings alertness, excitement and creativity, induces appetiteBullies are VictimsBy: MA. ALONA S. SIOCOMaster Teacher 1Panilao Elementary SchoolMany people trivialize the act of bullying, not giving enough importance and emphasis on how it can affect the victim and for how long the victim carries the cutting words with them. A day? A month? A year? Do they just sleep with those words echoing inside their heads and the next day move on with it? New day, another life to live. The truth is it doesn’t work that way.

Bullying has become one of the many other more reasons that result to self-loathing, insecurities and mental health problems that eventually need the advice, attention and proper guidance of professionals when its effect go out of hand. The effect of it may or may not be visible with the early years of a victim during his first few years in school. Schools have taken action by the cases with regards to bullying by informing its students the cause and effect of such action to the victim, the bully and the bystanders. But the action to prevent and gradually stop the act of bullying shouldn’t end with just information. It needs enough attention to understand what the root of such foul action is, understand where the bullies are coming from to resort on making superiority a feat and inferiority to those who are victimized by them. Bullies are also victims.

Bullies are those who think they have the power over another and they take advantage out of it. As a result, the bully becomes validated—that he really is something more compared to the victim. On the other hand, bullies do not do offensive actions just for the sake of doing it and just to be entitled as a bully. Two main factors can result for a child to do provocative and dreadful actions and these are his environment inside and outside their home. Some parents themselves bully their child without even realizing the act and how it can actually affects the child. In effect, their children become bully themselves. This is why bullies are also victims.

One act is pressuring and putting unbearable weight to the child to be better to the extent that the child is forced beyond his ability which results to making him think that he cannot pass the standard that has been set by his own parents. As a result, they will want others to feel small and invalidated by unintentionally and unconsciously becoming bullies and start to make someone a victim because they once are. They want to see another prey suffer as they have suffered once. Another factor is a child’s environment outside their home. Most part of a child’s childhood is spent and takes place inside the perimeter of the school. Here, a child will encounter kids that are bigger than him, have greater abilities more than what he can offer and learn that his life is not boxed in the four corners of their home.

As most predators are smart, he will take action by not letting anyone see how they are of greater heights than him, making it seem like he also has something to offer. Bullying is one of the negative actions to show off that he is better and bigger than others. The inferiority and superiority of man become the nature of a child as he grows and the school is one that is responsible to shape a child of what he should and shouldn’t be. Prevention is better than cure. The school who plays one of the biggest role of a child’s growth should take more serious action to prevent a child of having traits and signs of being a bully so there would be no victim and as to bystanders to finally take action and stop a child by his misbehaviors and change his roots as early as possible because it can save the world and the victim from suffering long term effects and repercussions and especially to prevent problems and plights that can affect to a child’s mental health, social and well-being. Address every bully, victim and bystanders.

Create a healthier and a friendlier school environment and teachers that will stand as second parents that will guide every student as they grow, learn and become aware of how their actions, even as children, can have their effects to one another.


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