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How would I define myself? We all have different ways to define ourselves, positive and negative. We all define ourselves differently but how we define ourselves is mostly how others see us.

I believe actions usually can define the meaning of that person. But we all get to choose what we want to become since we all take control of our own lives. For example some people can be very angry and hateful in life while others can be loving and caring. But if I were to define myself in 5 words it would be diligent, passionate, courteous, generous, and philosophical. In life, I have learned several things about life. First, that life is not easy and it is filled with challenges for people to overcome. Everyone faces different challenges and has different outcomes.

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These challenges can vary from people competing within each other to get into a certain school or getting a certain job. It can also be competing on stage weather its bodybuilding, dancing battles. It can even be something more basic such as a homework that is very difficult for you to overcome, but once completed it, you just get that satisfaction from it. I believe to myself that I am a diligent person. I feel this because I am the person to get mad when some challenge defeats me but once I’m ready I’ll take on the challenge again until I know I’ve defeated it. Some examples of some challenges I face almost every day is trying to eat the best nutritional foods so I don’t have to eat fast food or restaurant food. This is why I like to make my own meals sometimes. I am not obese either because for one, I am a very active person but I sometimes enjoy being strict on myself to the foods I eat.

Some days I won’t workout so I’ll stay home and order myself a pizza and a 2 liter soda and eat it all then I feel so lazy that I’ll play video games for hours, and therefore I wouldn’t workout. When I get in that position, I feel so angry at myself the next days because I am not making any progress to my body. This really stresses me out because I am a person that’s very dedicated to working out. Another challenge I face almost everyday is my time management.

What ruins my time management is video games because sometimes I feel stuck to it that I can’t get off it. But luckily, what makes me get off them is when I remind myself that video games will get me nowhere but they will never go away. But these are only a few challenges I face on a day to day basis.I feel that my life is meaningful because I am so passionate about what I do and my activities. I am passionate about working out because without it I don’t know what I would do of myself. I am not the person that can work out when I’m angry or sad or even hungry. In order for me to get a good workout in I would have to be very excited and be on a full stomach.

Another activity I do almost every day is cooking and eating. I cook with passion because what I am eating is nutritional so that is what gets me motivated to workout. This makes me very energetic throughout the day. My last favorite activity is playing video games. I enjoy them because they entertain me more than anything else.

I am the person who would rather stay home or workout rather than going out to places such as trips out the city or beaches or amusement parks. This just goes to show how passionate I am with my activities. Another term I would use to define myself is that I am a courteous person. I always show my respect and manners to my elders and even younger people. The reason I am like this is because no one wants to be or feel disrespected. Plus my mom has always taught me to always greet people.

Usually, when I show respect I expect the same back, and this is how you would normally get along with people. I am the person who almost never cusses because I would not like for it to become a habit. To illustrate my courteousness, I always greet my teachers, family, and friends every day. The reason I am courteous is that I would not like to set a bad impression to myself because then I would lose all of my confidence.

Beyond being courteous, I would also consider myself as a person who is extremely generous. I am the person who is willing to help others needing of help. There are different ways I can help others such as sharing my time, money, food, or even anything they need to be helped out. To show my generosity, I once bought my friend an $800 camera that he couldn’t finance, so I ended up buying it for him so that he would pay me in payments. On other occasions, I would always pay the pg;e bill and the internet bill. These are things I like to do for my family to show my generosity for them. Another example is that when there is no food at home, sometimes I’ll buy food.

The reason I treat my family so good is that I love them and this is basically how I like to show it. Although, sometimes my younger sister is ungrateful of everything I’ll still buy her stuff. This stuff can vary from clothes, snacks, meals, or even money. I also show my generosity to strangers such as homeless people how are much in need of help. Another way I show my generosity is by spending time in the gym with my friends. I help them out by showing them how to eat nutritional and workout properly so that if one day they want to workout without me, they would know what they are doing.

I am the person to get people to workout so they can become the best version of themselves. By helping others, I feel like I have done something great and that my life is meaningful.The last word I would use to define myself is that I am philosophical. I am the person who has to think twice before I take an action on something.

I tend to look at the big picture side of things. I would ask myself what would be my outcome if I do a certain action. What made me become philosophical, is when I used to watch prison shows and drug shows that would show and tell us some mistakes prisoners have done to end up where they are today. This motivated me to not do bad things.

For example, I once saw a man who was running from the cops and he was about to get caught by the officer, so he turned back and shot him dead. If the criminal would’ve been captured before he shot the officer then he would only served a couple of years, but now he is in death row. This means he will get either the electric chair or the lethal injection. I always have to think about what the outcome could be out of my action. For instance, I have been working out for years and I have gotten some amazing results, so I can imagine how I would look at least 5 years from now. It’s simple stuff like that, that really makes me philosophical. Overall, I feel that my friends and family fill my life with full positivity and, they are really supportive of me and what I enjoy doing the most.

I described myself as a person who is diligent, passionate, courteous, generous, and a philosophical. I personally believe humans create their own personalities and this is how I have chosen to be. My family has made me who I am today because without them I wouldn’t really be supported by any one else, and that helps me everyday.

All I want, is to become the best of my ability and I feel that I can achieve that.


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