How by looking at the amount of protons

How would our life be if nobody had already discovered the periodic table?IntroductionThe periodic tale is a table that lists the elements in the order of the atomic number from the lowest to the highest. The periodic table is explained into several different parts. The atomic number is found by looking at the amount of protons there are in the element.

The Atomic symbol is the abbreviation of the element basically shortening the name to two letters and so on the rest. Importance of the periodic tableThe periodic table has a big impact on our lives today. It has helped scientist with finding a lot of major things.

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Elements are getting discovered and being added all the time. The periodic table is what we are living today. Almost every element has a purpose in our lives and if they are crucial to us. Without the Periodic Table we would probably not be alive today as for we wouldn’t know what resources we would need to survive and what they meant how to use it like in food there is calcium, phosphorus etc we would not know what we would need to grow we would not know how to get stronger, what we are breathing in and out every second we have oxygen and carbon dioxide our biggest needs to live. Without the periodic table our lives would be different from today.

A lot of our daily items won’t be in existence. References


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