hroughout exceedingly diverse when it came to their

hroughout the 1800s to about 1860 the north and south had a great amount of struggles, economically, socially, and politically, that led up to the Civil War. The states were known as different countries because of their economic, social and political differences.The main difference they fought over being slavery. These events led to years of misery and conflict among the states.The north and south were exceedingly diverse when it came to their economy such as, the south had much more farming but the north stuck with factories. The south got mad when the north put tariffs on the imported goods, though the tariff laws had been changed by the time of the civil war the south still remembered how the north treated them (DOC.

A). The south thought that if someone paid for property (slaves) that they had than they should be allowed to keep them, even if they were freed by their owner (DOC. D)The main reason which isn’t just socially, is slavery. Slavery had such an impact on america and we are today. The north firmly believed that all people were equal and no one was property, while the south believed the opposite, black people were to be seen as slaves and property (DOC. D).

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Politically, america changed immensely and is possibly the biggest change. In the years of 1860 to 1865 the government of america was Not only changed it was separated, during the Civil War when North Carolina seceded it started its own government, other states then started to secede in America split into two parts, The North and the South (DOC. E).

Some of the states that weren’t


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