Human gender identity has overcome

Human gender identity has overcome the world and placed numerous erratic roles onto the male and female sexes. The purpose of gender identity is much deeper than whether the person is male and female. All throughout humanity there were and still are distinction from both sexes. The distinction from using bathrooms to wearing clothes are countless. There is a viewpoint that men are superior to women, which is why it is essential to sexism. Sexism has always brought negative costs for women. It has caused some women to avoid successful careers described as “masculine,” possibly to avoid social impression that they are less needed as wives or mother, or also described as “feminine.

” Discrimination against women is found in many workplaces. Minority of managers try to fix this sort problem, but others don’t not care. In many cases, companies pretend that gender discrimination doesn’t exist, so then they get sued more often. Other companies attempt to avoid the law suits by essentially dealing with discrimination and resolve the conflicts before it gets out of hand.

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The main concern in workplaces is the promotion and pay gap, many research in the past and present has shown that women do not get promoted as fast as men nor get equal pay for the same job. Several of women feel cheated for this sort of tendency and robbed in a way.


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