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Human resource development play vital role for the best performance of the organization. Human resource development means development of the “Human” resources for the competitive advantage and achievement of the overall objective of the organization. Training and Development provide prime opportunity to expand the knowledge of the employees. In our report, we will concentrate on the training and development of the workforce in a famous telecommunication organization of United Arab Emirate called Etisalat. The organization provide training program to develop workforce for their current jobs.

The aim of the training and development is to improve creative learning which assist employees to add values and improve their performance. Etisalat make continuously make investments to build networks of the future. The main objective of the training and development programs in Etisalat is to boost creative learning of the workforce.

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Etisalat believe that their workforce is the most important assets therefore organization developed different several programs to improve performance of whole span of careers level. The mission statement of Etisalat is ” to tackle national and societal challenges through research and innovation programs. It means the mission of the organization focuses on the research and innovation programs that align with overall objective of the organization. The mission of Etisalat is to develop and prepare Emiratis to start their careers in a right direction.

There is diversity of the workforce in Etisalat but organization provides proper culture that support training and development activities of the workforce. Etisalat provides motivated and qualified leaders to meet current and future challenges relevant to the Human Resource management. The Etisalat most used whole system learning programs in which employees learn from the individuals, group and whole organization. The Etisalat provides environment in which employees mostly learn from other employees, team and organization.(ripublication) Recently Etisalat introduces National Training and development programs to develop skills and abilities of the fresh graduates. The aim of this program is to bring new bloods in the organization. The graduate fresher in Etisalat are known as ” Digitation Graduate Trainees” because mostly they enter in the “Digital Era” of Etisalat.

In this era, trainee learns about different Smartphone application, cloud services, big data and other technologies. National Training program prepare etisalat executives to deal effectively with challenges for the growth and empowerment purpose. National Training Program include following development methodologies:? Assessment & evaluation programs? The training session in the classroom? Conduct case studies ? Action Plan? Session relevant to career counselling ? Job rotation program? Simulation excercise(About Us)Etisalat has has an academy called Etisalat Academy that provide different types of training and development programs to the workforce to enhance their capabilities and efficiency. Etisalat Academy provides excellent range of Information Technology related programs along with workshop offered by different industry related companies. Etisalat brings expertise around Middle East to deliver wide range of programs relevant to software development, UNIX system and IT management. The main purpose of Etisalat is to provide IT related training programs to defend IT infrastructure and deliver IT projects on time. According to HR related survey in UAE, at most 90% of staff proud to work in Etisalat and 84% of workforce report a high level of job satisfaction. The engagement of staff is high just because Etisalat have well-thought out strategies relevant to the employees.

According to Hatim Al Nauimi VP of HR Planning & Strategy, the management of Etisalat keep a balance between efficiency employee engagements. The management ensure that their workforce is able to understand true meaning of the engagement. The training and development programs in Etisalat promote employees engagement and job satisfaction. Etisalat empowers their workforce and invite them to submit their feedback relevant to the training and development through different multiple channels such as surveys, focus groups, opinion polls and staff suggestion scheme. Etisalat conduct annual events for the training and development of the employees such as Wellness Weak, Spirit of Happiness Week, and Travel week. Etisalat sets clear performance standards for the Training & Development of the employees.

Majority of the employees of Etisalat sets clear performance standards for product and service. Etisalat is constantly looking for new, innovative ways for the training and development of the employees. Etisalat also introduce team activity day for the development of the employees.

The workforce of Etisalat comes from 80 different countries of the world. The organization provide suitable environment for the development of the employees belong from all over the world.There are different methods to deliver training and development programs to the employees. The main important methods are as follows:? On-the-job learning? Mentoring Schemee? In-house Training? Individual study.There are number of benefits of the Training and development programs for the organization. The main important benefits of the Training and development programs for employees of Etisalat are as follows:? Training and Development program provide an opportunity to expand knowledge? T & D programs play an important role for the improvement employee performance.

? T&D improve employees’ satisfaction? It helps to overcome ; reduce weakness faced by the Etisalat.? Training and Development improve productivity of the employees? Training ; Development programs ensure that employees have consistent knowledge of experience.? Training ; Development of the employees in Etisalat provide knowledge about basic policies of the organization.? Training ; Development provide help to reduced employees turnover.

Training and Development play an important role for the effectiveness of Etisalat. It has implication for the productivity, health and safety and personal development. Etisalat always considered their workforce as an asset and always emphasize on the need of training and development of the employees.

There are number of challenges and problems in Etisalat relevant to the Human Resource Development. Some of the problems or issues are as follows:? The management of Etisalat has to spend too much time for the Training and Development programs that directly affect the regular activities of the business.? In Etisalat, the workforce is belonging from different countries of the world. Such diversity of the workforce create problems for the training and development of the employees.? The training and development of the employees required budget that disturb fund allocation of Etisalat. (Andriotis)(About Us)Need of the T; D in EtisalatTraining and development of the workforce in Etisalat can play an important role for the overall achievement of the organization. It will help to improve overall performance of the employees in the organization.

The employees that receive training relevant to their jobs can perform their jobs in a right direction. Such confidence of the employees will improve overall performance of Etisalat. Competent employees help Etisalat to hold its position as a leader in the world of telecommunication.Training and Development will also improve satisfaction and morale of the employees. The investment in the training and development will show employees that they are valued. In Etisalat some employees has weakness in their workplace.

The training and Development programs enable employees to strengthen their weakness. The training and development programs will create knowledgeable staff that can perform their duties in a right direction.The Training and development in etisalat will ensure that employees have consistent experience and background knowledge. The T ; D programs in etisalat will also help to increase productivity and quality standards. Training and development program can increase innovation in new strategies and products. Ongoing training can encourage creativity of the employees. It also play vital role to reduce employees turnover.(Importance of Training and )OD Process ; Human Resource DevelopmentThe Human Resource Development has significant impact on the organizational development.

HRD always speed up the process of success on the base of organizational development. Etisalat is thinking to lead telecommunication organization in UAE as well as Middle East. The top management of Etisalat always consider HRD for the strategies that they build for the organizational development.

The Etisalat should consider following OD process changes for the Human Resource Dvelopment.• The organization should take workforce as an initial point for the organizational development.• The Etisalat should consider innovations in technology relevant to the Human Resource Development.• The hierarchy of the organization should be favourable for the Human Resource Development.• HR manager should utilize the development opportunities Possible Solutions? Etisalat should mostly focus on the retention of talented workforce. This will reduce recruitment, training and operational cost of the employees. The employees should engage in two way communication.

? The company should build their leaders within organization. Etisalat should create opportunities for the workforce to develop their expertise. The company should encourage team working.? In Etisalat, people belong from different areas of the world that bring different educational backgrounds, knowledge and experience. The company should introduce value- driven culture for the Human Resource Development.

In the above mentioned possible solutions, we will prefer retention of the talented workforce. Because most talented ; experienced can add more value for the achievement of overall objective of the organization. It also assists to reduce training, recruitment and operational cost of the organization.

Action Plan:Action Responsible Person Duration Status1. Prepare strategy for retention of talented workforce Head of HR Dept. 02 weeks Pending2. Ensure two-way communication within organization.

HR Manager 01 weeks Pending3. Preparation of additional budget for retention of talented experts Finance Manager 01 Week Pending(HR Issues and Solutions)


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