Human Trafficking a Curse
Gurpreet Singh Sondh
Effective Written Communication (DPS 15119 1717)
Program: Project Management Full-Time Diploma
Assignment 1: Pre-Writing Informative Report
Instructor: Chrystal Robert-Macey
January 28, 2018
Everyone has the right to live in this world with a sense of freedom and safety. My selection of this topic is primarily based on my research study on trafficking in person protocol that I want to draw the attention of the audience towards the alarming rise of this dilemma and to come out with better and effective solution. The foremost step to reduce the problem is to know about what human trafficking is and its main roots. The problem is growing especially in developing countries so its also necessary to find out what would be the future perspective of this problem and how wellbeing of future generations could be assured.

The objective of writing this report is to inform and aware to the audience (Primary, Secondary and or tertiary) about human trafficking problem and shed light on some points given below:
Introduction to the Human Trafficking Problem.

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To introduce the types of human trafficking.

To aware them about this seriously emerging problem.

Difference between human trafficking and migrant smuggling.

Determining the reasons behind this problem.

To tell them how important is to find the most effective solution to eradicate it.

Primary Audience
Chrystal Robert-Macey is the owner and principal of the sponsorship experience and an instructor at PACE Program in The University of Winnipeg. She teaches Effective Written Communication, Effective Project Management and communication and some other courses related to their field. She has a Bachelor Degree in Education and had been working for several years in Manitoba lotteries corporation. Moreover, she has a keen interest in reading. Thorough email I collected her knowledge about the topic. She has visited some women’s shelter and heard some presentations on the topic. She seems to me a person who has great taste in learning about the topics that are interesting and new. I believe the content of report could widen her horizons further.

Secondary Audience
It could be anyone, either her family and friends that seek to gain knowledge about the topic. It could be my classmates to whom she might share it with. It could also be for them who are working on this topic. The classroom is a mixture of various cultures and the students come from different educational backgrounds that I believe countries they come from also somehow are affected by this serious issue so I think its going to be very interesting and helpful for them to know about this danger that our society across the world is experiencing and the content in this report could be food for thought.
Strategies and structure both are important to write an effective report. I will use the following strategies to make my report interesting and impressive:
Try to more familiar with topic and get in-depth knowledge about it.

Try to get sufficient amount information required from various case studies.

Compartmentalization of the topic according to the types of human trafficking.

Discuss the reasons behind every type of trafficking like; Trafficking of children, forced marriage, labour trafficking.

Try to use more visual representations like pictures, graphs and tables to present information.

Try to write a report in clear and simple language to convey the information effectively.
Do not use any abbreviation.
Maintain APA style of writing standard.

Before doing any study or research it is very important to consider the results and suggestions given by the present literature. I have visited number of websites and read some books related to my research work and following are some references I will consider to using:
United Nation Office on drug and crime Department of State Orange County Register Guardian Human trafficking human misery: Greenwood publishing group, by Alexis A. Aronowitz (2009)
Book: Human trafficking: The Rosen publishing group, by Joyce Hart (2009)


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