Human Trafficking takes place in every single country

Human trafficking is another form of modern day slavery and is a violation of basic human rights. It is a major crime and has become the world’s fastest growing criminal enterprise. This crime involves the kidnapping, abduction and the illegal transportation of individuals by force, who are used for, sexual exploitation, various forms of labor, body organ transplants, and for criminal activities which benefits others financially. But the two most popular type of trafficking’s are sex trafficking and labor trafficking. Estimates show that approximately 1,000,000 people are trafficked every year worldwide and that between 20,000 and 50,000 are trafficked into the United States. Human trafficking affects both men and women, and most of all children.

It is starting to become more of an international phenomenon, as the number of missing individuals and cases for human trafficking continues to grow. Trafficking takes place in every single country in the world but mostly takes place in the eastern counties like Asia, Eastern Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa and in the United States. It all Began in ancient civilization such as Mesopotamia, Ancient Greece, China, India and Africa, and it was then known as slavery. In Ancient Egypt the enslaved were forced into labor where they built the pyramids and would work as domestic servants.

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In the fifteenth century there was a dramatic increase in slavery when Portuguese sailors began to sell and transport slaves into European countries. The Europeans later began have colonies in America and the slaves were sold off to work on plantations. Then in the mid-1800s women and children were being sold off to different countries for sex related purposes, it wasn’t until the twentieth century that the selling of humans for exploitation became a recognized problem. A majority of human trafficking occurs in the poorest parts of the world. Many families’ sell their children off to traffickers because they cannot afford to take care of them. Many of these victims are abducted and are either forced to work in factories or as servants without any pay, and others such as women and children are forced to work in the sex industry so that they could pay off the trafficker’s debt, living cost, medical cost and their commissions. This is a global and major problem because it affects millions of people’s lives every day and is beginning to increase dramatically and gain prominence around the world. These victims are being treated as property and stripped of their freedom and rights as a human.

If something isn’t done about this, these traffickers will continue to kidnap and abuse these victims, and eventually many of these victims will end up dead. Although human trafficking is an epidemic issue that is rarely ever talked about , but is widely known and is beginning to flourish. The United States and other countries need to make an effort to work toward the elimination and prevention of human trafficking, which will make this world a safer place and environment to live in by giving and insuring every one of their human rights. In Cambodia, women, men, and children are being trafficked every day. The men are being trafficked into labor and are forced to work in construction industries, or work as fishers forced to work in factories and as servants. Statistics concluded that thirty-five percent of Cambodia’s 1,5000 prostitutes are children. Every day there are young girls being taken from their villages and brought into brothels in phenom penh.

They are sold into the sex industry where they are forced to work as sex slaves, prostitutes, participate in pornography, and perform sexual activities, by having sex with business men and government officials for sexual fulfillment. Human Trafficking occurs in Cambodia due to multiple factors such as poverty, political instabilities and corruption. In Cambodia there are more than twenty percent of people living in poverty. They don’t receive a lot of money no matter how many hours a day they work or even how much overtime they have worked. Many of these families do not have enough money and are unable to feed their children and pay for living expenses. Instead they sell their children off to traffickers because they were told that they would, give them a higher paying job and provide them with better living conditions, which for many is untrue. A twelve-year-old girl named kieu was sold into trafficking by her mother to a brothel, she said that she was kept there for three days and was taken advantage of by three to six men a day.

When she returned home she was very heartbroken, but it wasn’t over she was sent away to two other brothels and then she learned that her mother was going to sell her again but this time it was going to be for six months, she flees away from home. Kieu is now fourteen years old living in a safehouse. Mostly young girls in Cambodia who are taken ar ages five to twenty-five, many of the victims who escape or who are rescued have to deal with the emotional and physical trauma from being abused and raped for the rest of their lives they may suffer from emotional disturbance, depression, want to commit suicide and may have disease. This is an important matter because it can cause many people In Cambodia to leave and migrate off to other countries which can lead to more problems such as unemployment and higher crime rates. In the Ukraine there are approximately more than 160,000 women and children being exploited for sex , labor and organ removal in which they take your kidneys ,liver, and other organs and have them trafficked off to surgeons ,organ banks and hospitals for money in return .There are children being recruited for their use in armed conflict ,the economic crisis and war conflict are what lead to this .Causing many Ukrainians to flee the county and lead to an increase in the number of women used for sexual exploitation in the Ukraine. Women are being recruited and trafficked all over different parts of the Ukraine.

Many of these victims are tricked and lured from their country by ads in a local newspaper or on television. A 30-year-old ukrnian women name Maria, mother of two married, saw an ad in the newspaper saying that there were job openings. She left behind her family when she was told that she would be taking a job in Italy as a cleaner, she said she trusted the men who recruited her because they looked like professionals.

But when her and the ladies arrived in Italy they were told that they would be used as workers in the sex industry, she was shocked. She said escaping from there was impossible the window all had bars on them and there was a guard that was always there. Many who are trafficked do not try to escape because they are told that if they try to contact the police, that their families will be killed and many of them are so weak due to all the drug dosage and abuse that they receive. The Victims of Human trafficking suffer with the lack of self-esteem and they try to


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