Hungarian where the reformation later took place. The

Hungarian is a Uralic language this means it is a part of the language family that has over 38 languages. It has been the main official of Hungary since the Hungarian conquest of the Carpathian Basin in the late 9th century. The Carpathian Basin was a series of events that helped end the settlement of Hungarian people in Central Europe. Before Hungarians arrived, three powers of the First Bulgarian Empire, East Francia, and Moravia fought for the control over the Carpathian Basin.

The language later was able to come in contact with speech communities all around Europe such as Slavic, Turkin and German. The people of Hungary became a part of Christianity when their first king, Saint Stephen took up Western Christianity. They stayed Catholic until about the 16th century where the reformation later took place. The result to that was Lutheranism and Calvinism also became the religion to some of the population. In 2011, 39% of the population were Catholics, 11.6% were Calvinists.

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