Hybrid inject into deep groundwater aquifers to

Hybrid water supply system is a part of sustainable urban water management strategy. Such creation helps in reduction of waste water and storage water into the environment. It is an inspirational approach towards scarcity of water due to population growth and uncertainty of climate change. Through local source variation they can enhance the water security. Usage of alternative local water usage diminishes the amount of water absorbed from waterways, groundwater or dams and hence refines water security.

It also decreases the social, economic and environmental instability to climate change by creating distributed water systems through infrastructure design choices at a range of scales from household to local level. This guarantees greater flexibility. Because of the adverse effect of climate change in water supply system it has become important to study other water service options such as storm water and rainwater harvesting, wastewater recycling along with centralized system .South Africa, because of the long term climate change and reduction of rainfall the water professionals with political support from government leaders have come up with a plan of water reuse and rise in desalination. The Residents of Amatikwe, South Africa are using community standpipes for water. Establishment of roof tanks to store 200 litre of water per day in KwaZulu pilot project are distributed in low pressure. Even in the U.

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S state of California, the highly treated wastewater is purified for the reuse. By minimising wastewater disposal to the sea, and provide clean water to inject into deep groundwater aquifers to prevent seawater intrusion. The Groundwater Replenishment System (GWRS) is used to purify for reuse additional highly treated wastewater. About 80pecent of the pure drinking water is piped to the houses.


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