Hydrosphere some of the sun’s dangerous rays, and

Hydrosphere The hydrosphere is the liquid component of the earth. It includes oceans, lakes, seas, ponds, rivers, and streams. The hydrosphere cover up almost 70% of the earth’s surface.Lithosphere The lithosphere is the solid, outer part of the Earth.

The lithosphere includes the upper bit of the earth’s mantle and crust, it is bounded by the atmosphere above and the asthenosphere.Atmosphere The atmosphere is a gaseous envelope covering the earth, held in place by gravity. The atmosphere is an important part of what makes earth liveable. The atmosphere blocks out some of the sun’s dangerous rays, and it traps heat and oxygen.Biosphere The biosphere is a global ecosystem composed of living organisms and the abiotic factors from which they take energy and nutrients from.

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Your task is to: 1. Describe the key features of each sphere 2. Produce a diagram detailing how the spheres interact 3. Describe what role carbon plays in each sphere


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