I. “The Lottery” as he is among


Introduction “The Lottery” (1948) composed by author Shirley Jackson explores discordances in daily life. “The Lottery” perhaps Jackson’s most excellent compositions in this respect, examines humankind’s capacity for evil within a contemporary, proverbial, American setting. Aware that the reading’s characters, physical environment, and climactic action lack in significant individuating detail, I view “The Lottery” as a modern-day fable or parable. The reading obliquely addresses numerous themes, including human nature’s dark side, the dangers associated with ritualized behavior, and the potential for cruelty when an individual succumbs to mass will. II. Discussion “The Lottery” (1948) concerns an atypical summer drawing conducted in a small unnamed American town. The townspeople assemble and wait for the ceremony to commence, acting in ways suggesting the ordinariness of their existence and the impending event’s ordinariness. Jackson initially describes the setting of her story explicitly by asserting that the morning of June twenty-seventh was sunny and bright, engulfed with the fresh warmth of a summer day.

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This places the reader in a place that seems somewhat welcoming. Summer has commenced, and everything is preparing to start fresh. I found this misleading because Jackson depicts the town as normal that functions normally as would any other town. However, this is not the case when the reading later reveals this is an end, not a new beginning when the lottery’s winner is stoned to death. The story’s tone quickly changes once the reader realizes the lottery’s point.

There exists something very bizarre and secretive concerning this town. Mr. Warner relates to this as he is the town’s oldest citizen. Warner symbolizes the tradition in this unusual ritual the villagers partake in. Mr.

Warner holds a key role in Jackson’s “The Lottery” as he is among the story’s chief symbols. Mr. Warner is the oldest citizen in the unnamed town and has been present in seventy-seven lotteries. Mr. Warner represents the lottery’s tradition annually held in his town. The town’s younger generations inform Mr. Warner that other locations have ceased holding lotteries. Furthermore, he regards them as crazed fools for ceasing the lottery.

Additionally, he believes by retiring the tradition; they are returning to life in the caves. Mr. Warner deems the lottery as the sole thing stabilizing the society. Being a superstitious man, he believes human sacrifice is the remaining logical answer for assuring the crops’ bountiful growth. In citation to the line “Lottery in June, Corn will be bountiful soon,” Mr. Warner welcomes the way things are since that is how they have always been. In Warner’s eyes, changing tradition seems disastrous. Another central symbol as depicted by the reading is the black box.

Unlike Mr. Warner, the black box signifies the absence of tradition, reason being; the box itself was not passed down, rather only the rituals and ideas were passed down through generations. The box’s original pieces are few. The villagers utilize wood chips and not paper. The lottery’s significant details have vanished as years past and what remains is the lottery’s true intention. The villagers are blindly adhering to a ritual that lacks tradition and holding lotteries merely because there has always been one. Arriving late, Tessie Hutchinson converses with friend Mrs. Delacroix regarding the household chores that nearly made her miss the lottery.

Even though all villagers agree the annual lottery is important, none seems to know its origin or its intended purpose. As Mr. Summers reads the names alphabetically, each household’s head comes forth to pick a folded paper slip stored in an old wooden black box. Bill Hutchinson draws the paper holding the black mark and people instantly start speculating about which Hutchinson will “win” the draw.

All members of Bill Hutchinson’s family then pull a slip from the box. Tessie picks the paper holding the black mark; she then vigorously protects the drawings’ unfairness. The townspeople disregard her protest, and as the story concludes, the townspeople begin pelting her with the gathered stones. The theme as narrated in this reading is that blindly adhering to and following traditions can be very disastrous and dangerous. This is revealed to the reader through the outlandish ritual of murdering blameless individuals simply because tradition asserts so. The town is hugely immersed and submerged in this peculiar tradition that they see not the damage and destruction it is creating in their society.

Mr. Warner I believe is a perfect illustration of this since he sees nothing erroneous with the tradition. He is submerged and committed to this tradition that he further believes the absence of it will return the villagers to a more primitive period if they cease from holding lotteries. I find this rather ironic since the tradition they adhere to has been practiced through generations and the human sacrifice for a bountiful harvest is a very primitive method of thinking. Mr.

Warner questions not this tradition; furthermore, he would instantly murder another because the custom of the lottery is all the validation he requires. The black box is also related to this reason being; it is viewed to hold traditional values; however, in reality, this is untrue. The box is disintegrating due to years of use and is held together using pieces from the original black box. The villagers establish their loyalty with the box based on stories asserting that the box is constructed from remnants of the original box. This reveals how the villagers are blindly keeping and following traditions simply because of set norms.III.

Conclusion “The Lottery” reflects ancient humankind’s need for a scapegoat, a figure upon which it can safeguard its most distasteful qualities and which can be ravaged in a cereminially absolving sacrifice. The townspeople in “The Lottery” inasmuch as they represent contemporary Western society, should possess religious, moral, and social prohibitions against annual lethal stoning. I believe the murder ritualizing made the murder palatable to otherwise decent individuals; the ritual, along with fulfilling its tradition, justifies and also masks the brutality. “The Lottery” is brutal and ironic. The term “Lottery” suggests the individuals will draw for a nice prize; however, the winner receives no valuable prize but is stoned to death, and unfortunately, death is not a prize.

I believe Shirley Jackson wanted to convey to the reader how the violence occurs in general inhumanity lives by her short story.

I. myBSN Firstly, myBSN provide information centre


INTRODUCTIONBank is a financial institution licensed to received deposits and make loans. Bank may also provide financial services , such as wealth management , currency exchange and safe deposit boxes(Armedo Kimberly, 2018). In this world, there are two types of bank which is commercial bank and investment bank. Bank are regulated by national government or central bank.

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(investopodia, 2018). The most famous and most used is commercial bank which offer services divided into primary and secondary functions. Primary function offer services such as accepting deposits, granting loans and advances. Secondary function offer services such as issuing letters of credit, travellers cheques, circular notes, transfer money from one place to another, providing customers with facilities of foreign exchange. (Gaucho, 2015)II. LITERATURE REVIEWA. Application 1 : Bank Simpanan NasionalAdvantagesThere are many advantages in Bank Simpanan Nasional.

• it provide an application for Online Banking System called myBSN. There are many facilitites offer in myBSN. Fig.1 myBSNFirstly, myBSN provide information centre for user to know more about my BSN. It including corporate profile which give information about myBSN, annual report, career and media centre which provide section for information and announcement. (Bank Simpanan Nasional, 2010) Fig.

2 aboutUs in myBSNSecondly, it also provide customer care. In this section, myBSN provide FAQs where customer can read on frequently asked question by other customer. It also provide online feedback form where customer can send their feedback of anything regarding Bank Simpanan Nasional online. It also provide latest information for auctions, tenders and space rental offer by Bank Simpanan Nasional.

(Bank Simpanan Nasional, 2010) Fig.3 Customer careNext is Personal banking, this section provide deposits, Cards and loans. It also offer banking channel which is alternative channel for us to perform transactions and utilise our services. Banking services which offer loads of value-added services to complement our needs. BSN Wealth Management which offer us a complete financial planning solutions for every stage in our life. (Bank Simpanan Nasional, 2010) Fig.

4 Personal BankingNext is Islamic Banking, myBSN also offer islamic way for deposits, cards,financing . it also provide Islamic Banking Shariah Committee where we can meet with our Shariah committee.(Bank Simpanan Nasional, 2010) Fig.4 Islamic BankingNext is business financing, which provide information about myBSN product, centres and also share their success stories.(Bank Simpanan Nasional, 2010) Fig.5 Business Financing• Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN), is transforming their products and services to appeal to a new generation of digital-enabled customers by deploying Virtual Teller Machines (VTM) across 31 branches.(Marketwired, 2015)• Each BSN branch will have three VTM machines and these self-service kiosks that are supported by 450 virtual teller agents placed to assist their colleagues at branches that have higher customer traffic.• The virtual tellers will be able to attend to customers’ needs, provide advice on banking products and services, and handle account inquiries as well as loan applications.

• The VTMs installed at BSN branches have highly secure features including encrypted electronic signature, thumb print verification, and card identification to ensure customers are protected.• Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) was established to promote and mobilise private savings, especially of small savers in the lower income groups and those in the rural areas. As at end of 2000, the BSN has 427 branches nationwide with a network of 610 ATMs. Besides providing financial services such as extending loans and accepting deposits, BSN also provides payment services through its own proprietary ATM network, credit cards, and pre-arranged crediting of salaries and debiting of public utility charges.

(Bank Negara Malaysia, 2002)DisadvantagesBank Simpanan Nasional also have many disadvantages that give bad impression for Bank Simpanan Nasional itself.• Bank Simpanan Nasional being insensitive to pensioners. The bank terminated the use of passbooks for all the pensioners. All the pensioners need to use ATM cards to retrieve their pensions because no passbooks allowed and updated for those pensioners.

It give uncomfortable situations for them to keep up with technology. Those pensioner faces difficulty to checking correct amount was withdrawn from their accounts. (Raj Paul Selva, 2017). • For the staff, they cannot fully access to other bank database system. The staff need to wait for other staffs finish using the system before they can have access to the system. Other than that, the staffs not provided with equipment needed. (Ahmad Izzudin Ahmad Zamri, 2013)Security issues• In myBSN, the system always upgrading everyday but it is a burden to customer. The upgrading process takes a long time and it halt customer from using the system.

(Newsdesk Lyn, 2018)• The SSTS, which is part of the RENTAS system, is an on-line book entry system to effect and to record the trading of Government securities, Treasury bills, Cagamas Berhad(National Mortgage Corporation) papers, unlisted private debt securities and Bank Negara Certificates and Bills. The system, apart from facilitating the electronic settlement of deals on a DVP basis, also eliminates completely the dangers of loss, theft and destruction of scrips and enhances the ability of the system to handle a larger volume of transactions.B. Application II : Muamalat BankAdvantages• Muamalat have online banking system named i-muamalat.

The application can be installed on any electronic devices such as mobile phone , tablet and many more. (Bank Muamalat, n.d.) • Bank Muamalat is a full-fledged Islamic Bank, commencing its operations on 1st October 1999.• • Muamalat Bank is built as a means of mediating between the fund and its owner. Muamalat is one of the Islamic bsnk in this world which using Islamic concept .

(Idrus Syafei ; Setiawan, 2013).• Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad (Parit Raja) who chose Bai Bithamin Ajil (BBA) concept as their housing finance scheme. The calculation shows that total repayment in Islamic. Calendar is lower than the Gregorian Calendar. Expert interview were used to identify the effect of employing Islamic Calendar in Islamic Banking system especially for Islamic Housing Finance. Finding indicates that the differences of total repayment between two calendar system reach average 1.

04 per cent and most of the banks agree that Islamic Calendar can be employed as the basis of accounting system although many challenges appeared. (Dwidayati, 2016)Disadvantages• At the operational level, change was also much sought after. Staff at all levels of the organization who were exposed to the end-user interface found that the infrastructure was inadequate. User experience was deemed lacking and its overall ability to quickly configure new or existing products. (Yeo, 2015) Security issues• Bank Muamalat is a product of historical mergers of other banks. There is a sharing physical space and operating on separate systems but there was no sharing of data between the bank and the situation no longer met with Bank Negara’s security and risk requirement.(Yeo, 2015)• At the operational level, change was also much sought after.

Staff at all levels of the organization who were exposed to the end-user interface found that the infrastructure was inadequate. User experience was deemed lacking and its overall ability to quickly configure new or existing products was deemed to be insufficient for the growth that the bank was looking for. At the heart of the issue was the lack of a master customer information file (MCIF), enabling staff to quickly identify and prioritize customer information.

(Yeo, 2015)Solution• All key systems and applications were to be replaced in one phase rather than the multi-phase approach selected by other institutions. Bank Muamalat’s smaller size meant that the big bang approach was optimal in reducing disruption and effort involved in the switch over. A phased approach where relevant modules are turned on in sequence over a designated period of time would have added unnecessary complexity and effort to this operation.

(Yeo, 2015)III. METHODOLOGY (SHUTTLEWORTH MARTYN, 2009) There are two different type of bank that I do some research on it. It is Bank Simpanan Nasional and Bank Muamalat. These two bank existed in Malaysia and used mostly by Malaysian. The method that I used based on internet research(Megan, 2016) which give me many resources such as case study, web sites and proposal. In this research I also able to explore online banking system and study about their benefits and disadvantages. (“Essay Methodology Example,” 2003)IV.

RESULT AND DISCUSSION V. CONCLUSION VI. ACKNOWLEDGMENTI would like to thanks to my lecturer , Dr Feresa Foozy who give me opportunity to learn on how to make this paper with references from internet and books. Secondly, I would like to thanks my parents for their endlessly prayer and support for me since the beginning. (Educationalwriting.net, 2010)REFERENCES.


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