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I agree to the above statement as quantum leadership is discovering of new ideas and ways in dealing with situations that would lead to successful future. According to Huber, 2018 “it is a continuous process of exploration, curiosity, and asking questions.” It is driven by organizational stress and feeling that something extra or changes needs to be made to the work field. In addition, it helps to focus on future improvements towards the career. Quantum leaders have the potential to adopt new changes of the organization (Huber, 2018).

In reality quantum leadership helps the nurses to break barriers and encourage advance thinking to solve complex problems. Moreover, quantum leaders are change maker and move others to action to bring changes quickly to the work field. They are flexible and standby with whatever change is being brought. These leaders have confidence in coming up with opinions that one will make and they stand up for it when it is successful in future. Also, quantum leaders have the potentials to adopt changes of an organization. This allows changes from “linear- adaptive” mind-set to “creative- adaptive” mind-set that will enable an organization to literally create a future success.

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Furthermore, these leaders has the courage to take the ownership of whatever risks they face when implementing changes and speak out for what would not be effective in the work field. In this type of leadership, the leaders plan for error and manage the risks and relationships. The leaders would notice changes through interacting with others. The current day health care requires development of courage in the leaders and nursing staffs so that effective evidence based health care is provided to individuals with improved standards and technologies.

Therefore, it is to be taken in consideration that quantum leaders contribute towards change making and transformation, having increased courage to achieve the new changes being brought about.


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