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I aim to bring awareness to the issue of Human Trafficking. Most people are under the preconceived notion that such a thing ended hundred years ago,but its is cycle which repeats itself and affects millions.Traffickers swindle people from all corners in the world not just in a far off third world country; It happens all through the US including Chicago. Lack of awareness leaves issues in the dark by shining a light to the issue I hope to break the stigma and communicate with those affected. Prior to my action, research was conducted in order to properly inform myself so I may inform others.”The online National Human Trafficking Referral Directory is designed to provide access to critical emergency, transitional, and long-term social services for victims and survivors of human trafficking. The directory also connects individuals with training and technical assistance and opportunities to get involved in their communities.

” By promoting the National Human Trafficking number I may reach out to those who may be affected by it. It is important to break out of the cycle of harm and help those that are helped with these very real and very challenging situations in their lives feeling isolated, broken, or like their struggle may never end, whether it is the people affected or someone they know is a victim of the cycle. I printed 250 flyers from their website with a vary of languages according to the top spoken languages in the places that I placed flyers; this was done as people victims to human trafficking may be non-english speakers. I placed them all through the school, my neighborhood and places I went to.

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My first step was to find a organization that people affected by Human Trafficking may reach out to. They provided flyer, that one may put up to promote the National Human Trafficking Hotline. I felt that the organization would provide more resources and Information than a simple poster. Preceding I printed the flyers at Office Depot. I was aware that putting them through the city would be difficult as I had a lack of resource so placed them in my neighborhood and places that I went to; I also conducted an assembly of people who helped me put out the flyers, as I can’t put up 250 flyers on my own through the city. The research that I effectuated made my project effective. There was a lot that went into the entire process.

I researched human trafficking in all parts of the world and then more closely I looked at chicago, through research I also informed myself about the sensitivity of the topic and how victim are affected, and how one might help. I believe that understanding the issue was key to bringing awareness, and it made my project overall effective. In the future I would like to post more flyers through the city with a greater variety of language; this would expose more people to the issue. This project has helped me understand how I can approach an issue and make a change in my community. I hope that with this project I have helped someone reach out to the help they may need.


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