I ( like eggs and tea), doing my

I always mixed up growing up and adulting. As a child, I physically and mentally grew faster than most people. An average morning routine during elementary was waking up, making my own breakfast ( like eggs and tea), doing my knotty hair and getting ready for school.

From elementary to middle school, my life was the beginning of a roller coaster, up and steady. I could easily multitask home and school life while making cash for babysitting. I always had my stuff together and could and could make plans days in advanced. I focused on my physically and mentally state, but “adulting” was being physical, mentally, and emotionally ready, managing free time and work, reality and fantasy. As I got older, my responsibilities became more serious, and I realized I needed to advocate for myself.

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I struggled with vocalizing for myself and suffered the consequences. These situations happened a lot at school, work and sometimes life in general. Starting at Minnetonka High School was a struggle for me. The curriculum was harder, the minority population was about 5 percent, and I could feel the pressure to be above average by the second day. I didn’t know anyone but decide it keep it that way because i was too scared to ask for directions. I went the first couple weeks teaching myself concepts I’ve never fully understood.

Some classes were simply harder for me, such as math and English since my district had a different way of teaching it. One day, my counselor called me down and asked if things were


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