I In many occasions, I tend to give

I am Abdulrahman ALkandari currently working in the marketing industry. In this field of work, I have been able to interact with different type of customers and personalities.

My personality on being honest, fair and treating clients with dignity has enhanced my profession development. Above all, with regard to marketing core values and ethics, I have always undertaken transparency, competence and the greater importance of building human relationships. Due to uncertainties prevailing in this field of work, I have since persevered as I am and been interested in the above-mentioned line of duty.

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I practice professionalism in which I mainly exploit formal language aimed at creating success and favorable reception from the customers. In many occasions, I tend to give my clients equal opportunities and treating them equally in order to adhere to ethical practice in marketing. My workmates perceive me as an accountable and honest individual. In addition, I am more open to constructive criticism and welcoming to new ideas aimed at attaining customer satisfaction and professionalism in the marketing field.

My major rule that has shaped my experience is maintaining my schedules and keeping appointments timely. It has proven to be the main reason I tend to excel in the already saturated marketing industry which can be tracked through the record of clients and recent promotion.


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