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I am applying for the senior accountant position which was advertised on the Joe’s Accounting Agency website. I am confident in the skills, experience and dedication I currently have which will allow me to succeed in this role.

In the last five years I have worked at many accounting firms gaining a thorough knowledge and understanding of the industry furthermore I have profound knowledge of what is required of large client portfolios. During my time working I have developed organizational skills and problem-solving skills which is going to lead to the growth of this company furthermore I have developed strong positive relationships with other accountants, auditors, banks and finance firms.

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The many contributions I have made in my current position as a supervising accountant at ABC Services are proof to all this. In my role my primary responsibilities include preparing and examining financial records, Organising and maintaining accurate records, ensuring that financial statements comply with laws and regulations and assessing financial operations. Recently I was highly commended by the board of directors for my management.

During my master’s in accounting degree I was constantly seeking opportunities to develop myself professionally. This led me to being a recipient of an innovation scholarship which allowed me to have a range of innovative perspectives which deepened my knowledge in accounting.

It is clear to me that if granted a position in your company, I would play a substantial role in driving the future growth of your company. I am eager to apply my teamwork, communication and reliability skills and achievements at your company.

Thank you for your time, I’m looking forward to discussing the role further with you


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