I will get to study Human Resource Management

I am applying to the graduate course in Human Resource Management at your renowned university as I am coming from a business background. I have a great enthusiasm in business studies and finance.

I have completed my Bachelors in Business Administration majoring in Marketing from Sylhet International University in 2015. After completing my graduation I was working as a Marketing Trainee Assistant at Berger Paints Bangladesh (pvt) Limited from Jan,2016 to Feb,2018. Now I want continue my further study to strengthen my career goal and I feel like this graduate course will help me to achieve my career goal to be a top executive at a business firm.

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My academic goal is to graduate in your Human Resource Management course as it is a corporate management course and it will broader my concept as I will get to study Human Resource Management in detail.I feel like a formal education will help me to with more practical and theoretical knowledge in the field. It will enable me to learn with people from diverse backgrounds, create network in business world, work under pressure, meet deadlines and fill my knowledge gaps. I find Human Resource Management exciting and it is ever growing and ever challenging.

The course will allow me to gather complete theoretical knowledge and develop analytical skills which will help me in my further career. I believe that studying at your reputed university will allow me to gain self-confidence, have international exposure and it’ll give me an opportunity to study with students from all over the world. I am sure the varied culture in the university where students from across the globe would be present would be an added advantage for me and would be definitely grill me to perfection.


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