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I am by no means a picky person; serve me cup noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for an entire week and I will have no complaints. However during my college search process, I became extremely picky. I spent months deliberating every little aspect of each college I was interested in. I was constantly adding schools to my list, only to ultimately remove them because I wasn’t satisfied with what the programs they offered.  Thankfully, I found NYU, a school that exceeded all of my expectations.

At NYU, every single piece of my personality will be embraced and nurtured. I can be a psychology major who researches effective treatments for mental illnesses, minors in economics, and is an active member of the school’s choir.  I know that at NYU, a distinguished university that promotes flexible, interdisciplinary learning, my varied interests won’t be turned away; instead, they will be met by an overwhelming amount of enthusiasm from my peers and the faculty who will nourish my abilities to succeed both in and out of the classroom. In addition, when I learned that NYU also offers cross-school minors program to a vast number of students, I understood how devoted NYU is to ensuring all of its students receive a comprehensive education. At NYU, nobody is the “odd one out”, nobody is alone, everyone is a proud NYU student.

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