‘I makes his unique youthful perception endearing. However,

‘I Am Very Bothered’ is another poem which employs the structure of sonnet. Nevertheless, the poem deliberately abandons the ordinary style of sonnet and depicts the poet’s love for the recipient in a confessional tone. The language used powerfully juxtaposes what one would expect to find in the traditional sonnet; roses and wine are replaced with white-hot scissors, Bunsen burners and ‘the stench of branded skin’. It describes a poet’s youthful love and the naïve indifference for consequences and the ‘butterfingered way(s)’ we use to draw others’ attention when we are trapped in the idea of what we are convinced is love at a young age. Whilst the traditional style of sonnet is virtually broken, this may indicate that, to him, what was not conventionally believed to be beautiful did not mean it could not be beautiful. He had very unique perception of love and beauty, and the tone utilised to depict this almost makes his unique youthful perception endearing. However, a sense of emotional conflict is created in the line ‘Don’t believe me, please’. Whilst the poet depicts his unique perception of love in an endearing tone, the line suggests that he, at the same time, has a strong feeling of guilt, shame and almost a desire to forget about that childhood memory.


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