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I am writing this letter in application for a prefect position I believe that time is an invisible and precious asset at our disposal and that it should be put to the best use. It is for this reason that I think that all we ever need is a little help and a little hope For the past two terms i have been the female riika representative and from the experience i have gained, i have learnt that the world is a better place when challenged by other worldviews. Getting student to open up( and realise that their voice mattered) and share the issues they have encountered was no easy task and some times I had to act fast and smart so as to prevent a contentious argument from sprouting.leadership to me means mentorship. Not only shoud we aim to be technical experts in life but technical leaders as wellexemplary execution over cheap talki am also commited to advancing the school communitylearn to read in order to read to learnaim is not to compete vs each other but to compliment each otherinteractions with the children would accumulatively result in a discernable impact.


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