I to apply for the nursing program.

I am writing this letter to introduce myself and tell you a brief outline on the reasons why I want to join the nursing program. My name is Jairon Garcia, I’m currently a certified medical assistant with 6 years of working experienced. Working as a medical assistant for many years has not only prepared me for a future in nursing but it allowed me to meet and care for many patients, many to whom compliment my work ethics and have motivated me to apply for the nursing program. Nursing is a very challenging and demanding career.

I want to do something in my career that is challenging, interesting, and be able to learn something new every day. In the nursing profession, I know that nurses have to deal with many aspects of patient care, help in preventing diseases and promoting health. As a medical assistant I get to enjoy the diversity of patients in a daily routine. I enjoy being in a profession where I can help others and gets a smile back as a reward.

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Another reason that I would like to be a nurse is because with the knowledge I will gain, I will be able to help and guide my family to take care of their health .The meaning of a nurse for me is a fundamental human being, who understands the needs and feelings of his patients, is a provider of care, of compression, kindness, affection and solidarity. Nursing is not only a career opportunity but also a passion.Life has taught me many lessons that have given me the ability to grow through my strengths and weaknesses. One of my strength is the ability to multi-task. I have been put in situations with many patients waiting to be seen, and doctors who are eager to evaluate and treat them. Although is not a simple task, I remain calm and assist everyone, thoroughly am able to complete my duties.

My goal is to always keep the doctors and the patients comfortable and satisfied, not only with my care but their healthcare experience as well. Another of my strength is that I am a very efficient person. I cannot leave my work without completing all the documents and notes that are treated by my patients. I think their lives depend on everything I do in my work. On the other hand, one of my weaknesses is that I tend to try to please everyone.

While it is difficult for me to say “no” to everyone, I understand that being more vocal and open would benefit both parties. I feel by overcoming my weaknesses and boosting my strengths that I will be more successful in both my personal and professional life. Growing up in a single parent household was not easy, I was raised by my single mother and I’d like her to be proud of me, after everything we’ve been through in our lives. Nevertheless, through this chapter in my life it showed me the effort that my mother put in order to give me the best of her, so I can have the opportunity of getting a higher education because she never had the chance. We did not have an easy life when we came to this country but together, we managed to overcome many obstacles. I want to be the first college graduate in my family. Now I have a nice family and I have 2 beautiful children.

I want to set good example for my children and to be admired for having a career as a Registered Nurse.I would like to thank you for considering my application and I am looking forward to joining the nursing program.


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