I value. Each department should realize how IT

I believe that ModMeters Company understands their IT value. Each department should realize how IT can minimize their workload and would help benefit the company as a whole.

ModMeters should look at where is IT valued; mainly, it is valued through their employees, customer satisfaction, revenue, cash flow, and order process. Each department would be required to go through training, so they would know benefits of technology, adapt to new ways of working, and be able to inform customers of new products and services that ModMeters are offering. This will help ModMeters move forward to the next level in expanding internationally to other countries. ModMeters had identified opportunities for the company IT system to reengineer the infrastructure of their current system and PC’s. CIO Brian Smith should create a portfolio approach for other programs, resources, and funding for different type of projects (systems) enabling different types of opportunities that could reengineer or replace the current system. I think that ModMeters would go a long way in formalizing where and how they will choose to invest their IT funds. The executive board at ModMeters are would like to see a conversion in IT, this will give them access to training in what their business goals and processes are, emphasis on organizational and knowledge barriers, and multifunctional change management

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