“I On a more serious side of

“I can read your mind.” Have you ever heard anyone say that? You may think that only super heroes could have this power. Through your regular day you may not come across anyone with such a talent, but on special occasions like on TV shows or magicians on the street you might. As with any other ability, it can be used for good or bad.

A person who has this ability has to decide whether or not to use it. Some may intend for it to be good but in reality some would use it for bad over time, and I would use it to change the world for the better. The most commonly known people that are perceived as mind readers are magicians. They work really hard at tricking you and seem to know everything about you. You pick a card, no one sees it but you, and you put it back in the deck. Later on in the trick they reveal your card like they knew it all along. I try to be hard to read and figure out how they do their trick. On a more serious side of mind reading, there are detectives.

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They use this skill to solve crimes, determine the truth from suspects, and persuade people to give away evidence. Having this ability makes the detective more effective. I think I could use these traits for a benefit. Not only can someone read just one mind, but read multiple minds at one time like a company (any fast food and money making company) can do. Advertising for companies depends on this skill because they research what people respond to and that determines what the advertisements will be, based on reading the minds of those viewers. They hook you with your own style of color, taste, and pleasures. Think of the last thing you bought: did you first see it by someone showing you, on TV, or the Internet? Most likely you experienced it through advertisement before you saw it in person. All of these regular people come with the same skill but it requires them to have training on how to use it well.

It may take years to study and become good at it. I could see my self most fitting in with the advertising department of a business. Just as any other ability, mind reading comes with a great responsibility. The best use of this skill is by helping others. It may be that you see what they need like a doctor does, or to satisfy people’s minds by what they need like laughter. We even grew up with mind reading by our parents who always know what we need or want or what we are up too.

Though many think that mind reading can be all good, it can also be bad. The bad use of this talent is mostly used for deceiving others for gain. When doing good things, you don’t have to hide what you’re doing because you won’t get in trouble, but when you use it for deceit and evil things then it becomes a burden to hide from others. For example, criminals may figure out they have this ability and use it for straight evil, like manipulating people to steal from them.

Also there are those who know they have the ability but never are able to become good at it like a detective who is not perceptive enough to ever solve a case. Mind reading is not for everyone, and there are those who don’t believe that mind reading is possible. I think mind reading may be used mostly for bad and selfish things, but many things are good. I would use mind reading for only good purposes like helping others. There is an unlimited amount of ways that you can use mind reading in everyday life but I would use it most for not being tricked in everyday events. It could be used to determine genuine friends, also to see what the needs of people around you are.

The purpose that best suits mind reading for me would be using it in a company for collection statistics or advertising. In conclusion when it comes to super powers, mind reading is not only for super heroes. Mind reading ultimately impresses people even if it disturbs or stuns them. I want to use mind reading to help those in every situation I encounter. If you really look deep in your mind and focus on people and patterns around you, then you will find that you can become a master of mind reading.

Now go and test your ability, but remember to use it for worthy reasons, not corrupt, so that you make the world a better place.


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