I Over the time, they began to

I choose this video because it shows that Cisco is responsible for doing corporate social responsibility by helping others who are in need.

Their effort is never fade in providing endless support to society. The initiative is more towards the healthcare on children. The kids all around the world are having the variety of sickness due to the contact on environment. Over the time, they began to realize the communication between patients and doctor is surpass everything else. Cisco strive to achieve better by using the smartphones and technology network to their advantage. The CSR programme played Economic Development role.

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It focus more on healthcare. Cisco provide Healthcare Services mainly on children. They believe that the children should get a better medication. If I am the Head of CSR programme, I would promote the program to the several media social network.

A lot of people seems to not knowing that such program exist. This is an area that Cisco is lacking of. Since there are many people are using this network, it is important for them to focus on this area.


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