I hours in the field operating total stations,

I am writing to apply for theposition at JL Richards & Associates Ltd, for a four-month work term. I amcurrently in my second year of the Environmental Engineering program at theUniversity of Waterloo. My relevant work experience includes four months at theUniversity of Waterloo as a Hydraulic Technician, and four months at LAS as a laboratoryworker.  As a Hydraulic Technician, Iworked closely with lab technicians to gather hydrological field data, surveyconstruction sites, calibrate and organize labs, and maintain technicalequipment. In particular, I spent over 60 hours in the field operating totalstations, GPS surveying tools, and testing for dissolved ions in urban streams.I also created a small-scale model of an urban stream built to manage stormwater.

During this time at the university, I used Microsoft Office extensively,performed many safety audits for equipment and labs around the department, andbecame comfortable driving different types of vehicles. I also have an G-level driver’slicense.   While working as a laboratoryworker for LAS, I familiarized myself with several skills and processes neededto work in the environment, included mixing chemicals, following strict safetyregulations, and using lab equipment. I compiled, analyzed, and presented onlarge amounts of data. Due to the location of the job in the Swiss Alps, I alsogained experience in collecting a variety of different types of natural data,and became very interested in hydrological processes, especially inrivers.

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   I am a very eager and enthusiasticlearner, and feel responsible for my own educational advancement. In my firstyears of university, I have developed skills such as AutoCAD, MATLAB, andprofessional communication through emails, presentations, and leadership roles.In my second term, I performed many different soil analyses, and took a coursededicated to Environmental Assessments.

I also took a strong interest in thelabs, such as fluid analysis, and learning on-site surveying techniques. I loveworking outside, and enjoy performing any type of field work. I am bilingual inGerman and English and practiced French at school for nine years.  


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