I the job entails, unlike the 30 new

I do not think Phil and Linda should ignore the old-timer protests because their work is essential for the company to run the production operations. More than likely, the old-timers are the employees whose more accurate about their job descriptions. Since the old-times are were actually doing the work that was stated in their job descriptions, so they may be the only employees that know what exactly the job entails, unlike the 30 new employees.

Ignoring the protests can lead to confusion among the old and new workers and they’ll be misinformed, which may lead to a decrease in production. One way to resolve the problem, would be to examine the particular duties that Phil and Maybelline think that the old-timers are exaggerating. Then, they should ask the old-timers to show proof that those are the duties that they actually perform. I would have conducted the job analysis with either the questionnaire or an interview. After gathering information, I would get the information reviewed and verified by the immediate supervisor and the applicant.

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Phil should take the verified information and use it for training purposes for new employees. When new employees are trained, they will know what to do and how to do it, which will increase productivity.


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