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I don’t remember much about my early childhood, but I know that there is a big different between my experience growing up and my parents.I lived with my parents at different times and I had different experiences. Although I lived with both for sometimes, now that I think about it, I don’t remember anything. Any ways getting back to my topic, as far as I can remember, I think I had a plain childhood. Growing up, my parents have been very too much protective of me and my brother.

We were those kids that their parents did not let go outside. While living with my father, all I did is go to school and come back home. He always tells me to study and that if I have a free time to read. I studied and read, but sometimes I go and play and when I see him coming back from work, I hurry inside and act as if I was studying. He is a very strict man, I used to fear him. He was also somewhat controlling always telling us what to do. He did not like us leaving the house and going outside.

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His reasons were that our mother is not here and if something happened to us, what would he tell her. I know he was doing all those things to protect us, but he was just doing it way too much. My father did not talk much about himself, his childhood and his life experiences. I also only see him in the morning before he goes to work and at night when he got off work. Even though he may look tough on the outside, he is a very sweet man.My mother on the other, before I started living with her, I had some expectation that since it has been a long time I saw her, we might bound and understand each other and that now I can do what I want. But, while living with her for some time now I have not met my expectations yet. My experience living with my mother is different from my experience living with my father.

I sort of make my own decision now, my mother is way nicer than my father, but there is only one problem: we argue all the time. The issue is that she believes that if a parent tells a child to do something or if a parent just tells a child something, this one should just listen to the parent and not say anything, because parents have lived longer, so they know better. But I trying to be an open mind person and say my opinion turn into the disrespectful child. She always says that when she was my age, if a parent says something that you wouldn’t even dare answer. She always gets offender when she reproaches you something and you talk back. Other than that, she is a very nice person.As a conclusion, I can say that as it is stated in chapter 3, nature and nurture really shape the personality of a person.

Taking myself as an example, since my father and mother are not both tall I inherited the gene I am short myself. As of my personality itself I can say that after many years being just at home and not getting out I became an introvert considering that I was already shy. I heard that my mother was also very shy when she was younger. I also got my dad nasty my dad bad nasty temper which I am working on.


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