I by Alex, a man who created “TAU”,

I enjoy watching top-notch, inspiring, outstanding, and meaningful films. Netflix has produced many great films, however “TAU” would definitely have to be my favoured one of all time. I have seen it many times and will certainly watch it again. The film was about a plain looking homeless girl named Julia with an amazing ability to escape. She got kidnapped by Alex, a man who created “TAU”, the intelligent robot with the body of drones and triangle shaped machine that can automatically control Alex’s technologically advanced house and jail. I like this film for lots of reasons. The main character, Julia was very brave and intelligent.

Out of all the subjects, Julia would for sure be my favourite character. She has shown herself to be very standout out of all candidates. In addition, she’s got this high potential to accomplish almost every task that’s been handed to her, also an absolutely kind heart towards Tau. Their friendship holds a special place in my heart, I found it to be extremely fascinating because Tau only had limited understanding of the outside world, however ever since Julia came along she slowly convincing Tau that he belongs to the outside world as much as us human and he deserves a chance to create his own life.

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