I spread. In 1792 the telegraph, a

I believe the soldier war experience is similar to some conflicts and time periods in many ways.

The soldiers in wars face the fears of risking their lives behind enemy lines for their country. Some may experience the same as soldier’s by coming out of the war with an internal/mental illness. Such as, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), having to deal with the surreal moments of what they experienced at various levels.Years ago the soldiers would send letters to their loved ones to see how they were doing, and unfortunately if they were diseased the communication would be of a letter. Now, another similarity to a soldier to a conflict in a different time period would be the loss/death of one’s life. Whether the death was on the battlefield of the American Revolution or the Persian Gulf war. Also, some soldiers and other men and women in combat may feel homesick; not seeing their family for a certain period of time and how all of a sudden it really hits you point blank how much you truly miss your family and thinking that in any moment your life can change and or die… Comparing the American Revolution for an instance, you had brothers vs.

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brothers fighting for the revolution and then brothers vs. brothers fighting against the act of revolution. The differences between a soldier’s experience and another men or women’s experience in combat in different time periods are many things. For example, the technology, and the weapon advancement in wars are different throughout each war.

When the American Revolution war was taken place the technology and or weapons being used was definitely not the same as perhaps the Vietnam war. In the past, people used to communicate via hand written letters. These letters would travel far to hopefully arrive to their final destination by horseman. Overtime little by little this form of communication began to spread. In 1792 the telegraph, a new and improved form of communication was invented and widely spread.

This gave people an alternative way to communicate, much faster and easier way than handwritten letters delivered by horseman. In the 1800s, major changes helped with communication greatly: The telephone and radio were invented. With these new devices people were able to communicate immediately.

Messages, news, and advertisement ran through the radio, it was also much faster means of reaching more people at once. To the people living in that day and age it could be said that radio, telephone, letters and telegraphs were their social media platforms. With the invention of the computer, it allowed for exploration on ways to communicate using this device.  When the first computers came out, they were nowhere near  as domesticated or technological as they are currently.

People needed to learn how to use codes in order to access them. At the time, this form of communication seemed more time consuming and expensive than picking up a phone and dialing.  As the creation of new technology evolved, the Internet became easier. As a result, people in war were able to communicate using emails and able to send pictures much faster. They’re being able to see their family through a screen instead of using letters or telegraphing became a drastic change. We have come a long way with forms of communication; from using horseman to being able to send an email with pictures in a split second.

This has helped loved ones to keep in touch and keep their hopes alive. 


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