I criminal an advantage to get away

I feel as if law enforcement shouldn’t put cameras everywhere because as a person i feel like that’s going to be a problem with invading people’s privacy and i feel like that’s going to give the law enforcement more power over us citizens then they already have. In my opinion if they were to put more surveillance cameras around the law enforcement would try to take advantage of the opportunity they’ve been given.Although, surveillance cameras reduce criminal activity it can also make people feel uncomfortable as if someone is stalking them and watching their every move. In my opinion the law enforcement should patrol the public areas in hopes of preventing crime before it happens instead of depending on cameras to catch the suspect.

The surveillance cameras might get the suspect but it gives the suspect a chance to escape, not to mention the suspect can be wearing a face mask or a hoodie and the surveillance camera wouldn’t be able to catch the suspects face and that gives the criminal an advantage to get away worry free.Not only is the surveillance cameras giving people false hope of protection but, it’s also taking jobs away from the public. There’s people that are crazy enough to commit serious crimes, and although the surveillance camera might capture an image of the criminal before he commits the crime but it might not have captured a the suspect with a weapon or anything he could have had hidden before he committed the crime. In my opinion if we were to get more cameras installed then what we already have, we should be able to stop criminals before they attempt to commit the crime.

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