I every time I closed my eyes new

I finished the packing and went downstairs. Me and my class were going to Paris for a class trip and I was very excited. The only thing that was bothering me was my mind. I keep having these blurred images of the plane along with smoke. This is not the first time I am having visions of something, I have always had them. They never meant anything, or that is what I thought, so I did not get worried.

I just focused on having a good time.The airport had a strange smell. Almost like fuel and perfume together.

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It smelled like something bad happened and then they tried to cover it up with fragrance. The weird thing was that no one else seemed to bother, like they did not smell it at all. Therefore, I just ignored the smell and went to my gate.

The whole class was now seated in their own seats. But since everyone came early there was still a whole hour left before the plane was going to take off. I tried to sleep, but every time I closed my eyes new images appeared in my mind. They were like the ones I had before, but they came in pieces. Slowly but surely, the pieces started to fit together, and the vision became crystal clear. I saw all my friends sitting in the plane smiling and laughing, and not even minutes after the plane had taken off there was a loud smell. The plane was shattered in thousands of pieces and there was nothing left but wreckage.

I woke up sweating and breathing like I just ran a marathon. My head was aching, and I felt like I was going crazy. I quickly stand up and grab all my things. My friends are looking at me like I am a maniac, but I ignore them and run off the plane. Only seconds after, I spot my friends running towards me.

They all have their bags in their hands and are staring at me with a worried look. My best friend Emma takes a seat beside me and gives me a sad smile. She bends her head down and whisper in to my ear. “Is it the dreams again?” Emma is the only one who knows about my visions. I do not want other people to think I am weird or different.

That is why Emma is the only one who knows. She does not look at me any differently. I turn to face her and give her a small nod. I tell her about the dream and she listen closely.

When I am done she wraps her hands around me and stroke me gently on the back. I hug her back, and then I stand up and look at the other two familiar faces standing in front of me. I apologize for making them worried and I give them a group hug. Then I take a deep breath and try to collect myself. I need to face my fears and go back to the plane, even though Emma thinks my vision happens in real life. When we are standing in front of the gate we know it is too late to go back.

The booking is complete, and the plane has taken off. I sigh and lean back to the wall behind me. The others also look a little sad and I immediately


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