I a manner like that created a

I found this article very interesting because in this article it says the Turks protected their identity but just mixed into two groups European Turks and East Asian Turks, when some of the other Turks visit Uyghurs of Xinjiang some people think they are same but some people don’t think so. I think that, one of the most important things was that the Turks were already in Anatolia before the Battle of Manzikert(1071). Another interesting and important thing was Islamization. The Turks, before they became muslim, were adopted most of the religions and I think that’s the main reason why our ancestors always showed religious toleration to the non-muslims.

It looks like a manner like that created a different pattern in the history of the Turks in Islam. Islam was not just important as a religion it was also next most definitive constituent of Turkic identity after language.

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