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I graduated from University of Dhaka- the best university for pharmacy education, with a bachelor degree in pharmacy.

In my undergraduate study, I was exposed to pharmaceutics, biotechnology, pharmacology, microbiology, physical pharmacy, inorganic and organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, physiology, and basic anatomy which provided me a strong and comprehensive background in pharmaceutical science. This strong foundation in these core subject have provided a commendable groundwork for my advanced studies and honed my laboratory skill and this has further influenced me to take a deep interest in the research study. For that, I always try to get involved in the research project. But there was no credit in research in my undergraduate study.

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However, my deep interest to do research work pursued me to involve in different research from my junior year. In phytochemistry lab, I extracted phytoconstituents of Begonia barbura leaves by column chromatography and screened biological activity of different extraction column on the animal model. In my senior year, I along with one of my classmate investigated acetylcholinesterase and butyl cholinesterase inhibitory activity of some novel compound from the medicinal plant under the supervision of Prof. Dr. M A Mazid. In my undergraduate project, I have studied a lot of research work about pharmacological activity of some ethnomedicinal plant of Bangladesh and wrote a project report under the title “A review of pharmacological activity of some ethnomedicinal plant of Bangladesh” where I reported about 200 noble compounds that have been identified having antipyretic, antiviral, anti-fungal, anti-tumor activity.My undergraduate program has been designed in such a way that every student gets a clear view of the different aspect of pharmaceutical science education.

As a part of my undergraduate study, I did a month long in plant training at Pacific pharmaceuticals Ltd. – a renowned pharmaceutical industry where I got the chance to explore manufacturing facilities, product development, quality control, and quality assurance department. This training widens my practical knowledge about drug manufacturing and drug development process. I also got a 6-month long hospital training in Dhaka medical college & Hospital – the best medical college in Bangladesh, which enrich my knowledge about therapeutic knowledge on drug use.

The internship was mainly observational and I worked at medicine, orthopedics, surgery, pharmacy department. During my internship at Dhaka Medical College, I observed that antibiotic resistance has been increased so much. As a third world country, our public health care system was not so good and people use anti-biotic without proper instruction from the physician. Retail pharmacist, the chemist has played a big role in consuming behavior of the patient. So I did a survey project under the supervision of Mr. Sajal Kumar Saha, about knowledge and awareness of Bangladeshi druggist and chemist about anti-biotic and antibiotic resistance and found that their knowledge and awareness about this is very little.During my internship, I saw a lot of people suffering from cancer. The most heart touching fact is that among other patient, I found one of my uncle.

I saw him after 10 or 11 years but in the hospital bed. I saw him bear in immense suffering. He was under chemotherapy.

I went to see him every day at his bed and always feel that the immense pain along with the side effect of chemotherapy had snatched his desire to live in this world. After 3 month stay in hospital, he died. That incident influence me to focus my future research in drug development, targeted novel drug delivery system focusing on cancer treatment. Now, I am working as a product executive at Eskayef Pharmaceuticals Ltd.- a leading pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh for last 8 month. My job was to gathered information about new available new drug molecule or new dosage form or therapeutic option in world market and analyze their opportunity in Bangladesh market.

If the drug molecule market are very feasible in Bangladesh market, I give new drug proposal to launch that in Bangladeshi market. This job enables me to enrich my knowledge about new therapeutics option or about the new research, new findings of drug discovery. The vast diversity of therapeutics option and research on new drug development or new dosage form, targeted drug delivery deepens my desire to pursue my Ph.D.

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