I solve problems, which I come across during

I have always been profoundly interested in Computers and their functionality since a young age.

When my dad bought me and my brother our first computer, I was 5. Since then I have been intrigued by how the mechanics of all the games and programs worked. I used to create mini games on a piece of paper trying to recreate the same effect as a computer game. It was my first game design and my first step towards my career.The more games I got exposed to, my interest towards computing and games became more and more insightful. When I had access to the internet, I was opened to a whole new world of online games and programs, which made me more fascinated about game development. I would describe myself as an enthusiastic, hardworking, ambitious but most of all friendly individual. I always share my knowledge with others during lessons and projects, and I am always ready to learn from others as well.

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Since I have been using a computer for a long time, I not only know the basics of computer, but also some substantial amount of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and many more through my BTEC IT and self-teaching. During my ICT course I had lots of opportunities to be leading as a student teacher and share my knowledge with them. A Level Maths helped me solve problems, which I come across during programming, logically.

BTEC Business Studies gave me the insight to look at the business world in a whole new perspective. It also helped me understand how businesses operate and how they effectively do marketing. This knowledge of business would be helpful for me when I start my own business. Overall, I have gained lots of valuable experiences through my A Level studies at school. All these courses helped me prepare myself for real life situations like meeting deadline, working under pressure, working as part of a team, leading a team and much more.

In addition to that, working with my fellow students helped me approach complex problems, in a logical and creative way, have helped me develop my critical thinking and attain good working knowledge.Outside school, I work in Currys PC World as a Knowhow colleague. In my work area, I diagnose and repair tech products like laptops, tablets and cameras. My workplace gives me opportunities to solve software based issues in laptops and tablets, such as operating crashing, and wireless network malfunction.

In addition to that working in Currys PC World has allowed me to learn about the retail industry and mainly about customer service. My ambition is to acquire the high standards of knowledge in Computer Science that stemsfrom a passion of computing and allows me to enter the industry that is everchanging and ever evolving. I believe with my work ethic, tenacity and thirst for knowledge Iwould make an excellent Computer Science graduate.


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