I I would do for myself and

I have always fantasized about what it would be like to hit the lottery.

I would always imagine walking in the store and playing my favorite numbers and hitting that Mega Million or t Powerball jackpot. I have big dreams of what I would do for myself and my family with the millions that I get from that big jackpot. That day when all my dreams would come true. The possibility to travel with my family, I dreamed of being able to purchase a five-bedroom home. Well, that day finally came. I was on my way to get gas, and a snack at my favorite gas station the Pop & Stop convenience store.

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When I arrived, there was a long line outside forming outside of the store. I walked up to the last person in line who happened to be a female school traffic guard on her lunch break. She was talking to the well-dressed male in front of her telling him that she was about to be very late to return to her post. He laughed, and so did I.

After standing there for about a minute. I asked what was going on with the lines. Five people turned around and said to me that the Mega Millions lottery was at a record high for tonight. It has reached 200 Hundred Million dollars, and If I had any extra money that I should join in on the lottery pool. So, when I Finally reached the counter to pay for my gas, and grab myself a drink and a bag of chips. I handed the male cashier a twenty-dollar bill and ask her to give me one or two tickets with any leftover change that was due back to me.

He smiled and said, that I only had enough for one ticket. Unless I add more money to it. I shook my head no. So, he printed one ticket. The lady behind me, said it only takes one my dear. I agreed with her, we both wished each other good luck. I walked out of the store and I pumped my gas and went home.

As I waited so patiently wrapped up in my cozy blanket drinking my soda and eating my chips that I had purchased from the store earlier. Waiting for the winning numbers to be drawn on the 10:00 o’clock news channel 7. Finally, the news anchor comes on and say who’s ready to become a millionaire tonight. I said me, screaming at the TV. Then the numbers started to fall out of the lottery wheel.

One at a time until there was six balls all lined up on the screen. I checked my ticket and to my disbelief. I had matched all six winning numbers. I was so shocked, I almost passed out. I started crying and jumping up and down on my sofa. My husband came in the living room to see what was all the noise about. I told him these very same words that I had heard before.

It only takes one ticket baby. My life was completely changed with a one dollar bill. The hopes and desires that I had been dreaming of for so very long finally came true. My family and I took a cruise around the Mediterranean Sea.

We went to places that only could have exits in fairy land books. I also purchased new homes for everyone in my family, and all my friends also.


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