I in the enormous task of reforming

I have always had a n interest in health care as biology was my favorite subject in school as I was able to relate to things that exist in life such human body, organisms and plants.My cultural roots are in the Caribbean, for this reason I am very interested in the enormous task of reforming organizations and infrastructure in my country by having a better understanding of the needs of the population, reviewing assessing and evaluating the current services and sustaining decision making in the evolution of these services.In the world of medicine health care administrators have influence in a lot of different areas.

These professionals are leaders who pave the future, not only for the company they manage but for the health care organization on a whole. Public Health management would assist me to gain knowledge, in how to combine business and health as a result you are better able to assess a situation and generate a plan if action and a work plan.This course will provide opportunities to develop and strengthen my leadership skills which will maximize my level of contribution to Public Health in my country and increase my marketability significantly.

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Public Health Administration integration into the daily activities of management of the organization will provide countless learning opportunities and exposure to various types of leadership and management skills. This provides the freedom to gain a comprehensive high level review of the organization’s while simultaneously gaining in depth understanding and understanding and experience in specific areas of interest.To observe executive leadership at the highest level of the organization and to enhance my leadership skills necessary to meet the demands and challenges facing tomorrows health care industry, is inspiring. I would become a team player of a vibrant organization and be dedicated to monitor and develop less experiences colleagues, lead innovative and effective world class health organizations and enhance patient care. I intend to make a substantial positive difference in the lives of others as an executive level health care administrator and pursue advancement in my career goals Your program at MURE will provide a comprehensive immersion in the study of health care administration and how it has evolved over the years. I am looking forward to studying a wide range of issues in our field our greatest challenges and opportunities. I am also looking forward to interacting with other graduate students in your program from other countries, comparing information of the unique challenges that each one of us face.

By pursuing a degree in Public Health Management, I will receive a first world class foundation in the principles of health care reform and implementation. I want to have the privilege of helping my country, Antigua to embrace a modern model of health care managementI thank you for considering my application to your programme.


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