I plants and animals have always lived in

I have been living for 6 centuries in the kingdom which is called the Placid Forest. I am the oldest tree in our lovely kingdom. My name is Cedar.

I am proud of quiet and peace of our forest. All what you can hear in our forest is the sounds of flowing streams, chopping birds and rustling leaves. But sometimes I hear other strange noises. They are made by creatures, who call themselves humans.

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I know a lot, but I am still learning something new everyday and I want to get competent knowledge of what human nature is. When I was young and short I always thought of people and human race in general, I considered them more civilized and qualified with a gift of speech, ability to create new things and give life to other creatures and I was always looking upon them with delight but within several centuries I have changed my mind. Hustle and bustle, violence, destruction and ignorance and a thousand other things have no terms in my mind.

I just can’t understand why people have wars and conflicts, because we don’t not have anything like that in our placid kingdom. Greed, envy, detestation and lies take a greater part in human society. In the forest plants and animals have always lived in peace and harmony. And human beings can receive vitality and wisdom from nature too. They can learn many things from nature, and as I have grown, I have started wishing that I could tell many people how wonderful nature is. Then, I had the idea that I could show people the attractions of the Placid Forest, which people regularly visit.

I made a plan to start my eco-tour, with the theme of ‘introducing creatures of the Placid Forest’. I have been investigating lifestyle of trees, bushes, birds, mammals, insects and mushrooms in the Placid Forest. What can I tell people about them? That from nature humans can learn the wisdom to leave in harmony. I would like to tell many people about nature’s gifts of vitality and peacefulness. The wisdom come from the way of life. If we have the same lifestyle, they will live in harmony with nature and themselves.


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