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I have learned through this lesson of how to improve creativity in decision making. As teacher we have to make a lot of decisions in so many matters and so we need creativity, in able for us to produce novel and useful ideas. Creativity is important in decision making that it allows us to fully appraise and understand the problem, including seeing problems others can’t see.

For us to have a higher creativity in decision making we should have these three components: expertise, creative thinking skills and task motivation. In this lesson also I have learned how decisions are made in organization. The most significant decisions are made by judgement. Most decisions in organization are actually made through bounded rationality, intuition, problem identification, alternative development, and making choices. We all have individual differences as well in decision making.

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All of us bring our individual style to the decisions we make. Some of us are logical and rational, as we can process information successively. Some are intuitive and creative, as they can perceive things entirely.

There are people who are directive type of decision maker that they can make decision fast and they focus on the short run. There are also analytic types who are characterized as careful decision makers with the ability to adapt or to cope up to new situations. There are decision makers who are conceptual type as they tend to be very broad in their outlook and consider many alternatives. Their focus is long range and they are very good at finding creative solutions to problems. And last there are decision makers who are behavioral type; they are the one who are characterized to work well with others. This type tries to avoid conflict and seeks acceptance.

I have learned that knowing and understanding these individual differences of decision makers may help us understand how two equally able people with access to the same information can differ in a ways they approach decisions and choices they made. Within the organization, there are things/situations that can influence our decision making. For us teachers we may sometimes encounter this, like performance evaluation, our decisions may influenced on how we evaluated, the reward system, that it may sometimes motivated us to do more and work hard, and make good decisions, then formal regulations as it can limit our decision making choice, next historical precedence, that our decisions made in the past may affect our choices today, and lastly the cultural differences, that our cultural backgrounds or beliefs may influence our choices or decisions. And of course when we make decisions in organizations we must include ethics especially for us professional teachers as we need to follow the code of ethics.


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