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I have used this learning tool of a mind map to reflect just a few of the many ways we communicate non-verbally. As a student nurse this is one of the vital skills I need throughout my career which will make a huge difference, and required by the RCN, (2015). Research suggests that we only verbally communicate 7% of what we say, 38% is tone and the majority, 55% is our body language, this is stated by Argyle, (1988) and Mehbrabian, (1971) cited in (Daniels, 2017). I found that when I was in a situation where someone has had some bad news, or asked for pain relief patients would focus on how I dealt with the situation rather than what I said. Just being there at a hard time, or listening ment a lot. Where I could not give pain relief I made sure I would do what I could to help make Jerry comfortable until he could have medication. I would smile giving my whole attention in a stance that is not threatening, crouching down to give eye level contact as he lay in the bed.

I drew the curtains which suggested I was taking time to help giving privacy.

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