I my head seemed to have vanished

I haven’t really been that close with my dad where he would tell me about his day or even his favorite color. He’s lived such a mysterious life ever since he left his previous life back in Guangdong, China and moved into “The Aloha State” as a chef at the local shopping mall. Growing up, I never received much guidance and knowledge from my father as the others kids had because of the unusual hours he worked, hence, the typical dream every youthful boy had of becoming an NBA star was intangible for me. Everyday, he would come home drenched with sweat and grease stains all over his work attire; without saying much, he would enjoy dinner, wash off and head straight to bed.

Over time, I became curious as his routine became permanent. Then, that one question would always surface as I laid in my bed pondering, ” How fatiguing can his job be”? My palms become sweaty, the words ” Hi, could i have a job application ” I had rehearsed thousands of times in my head seemed to have vanished from my memory.

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