I out of high school because you need

I heard that you are thinking about dropping out of school and I wanted to help you out. I am willing to help and encourage you to not drop out of high school because you need have a good future.

Dropping out of high school is not the best way to give up because your having problems, failing a class or just feel that you don’t like school. You yourself need to set your mind that you can do it ! I believe education is important because you learn new things and it prepares you for the future. Don’t be one of the 4 million students that drop out this year(Whitaker 3). Staying in school helps to earn a diploma. Earning that diploma can open up many opportunities, but if you drop out there goes all of those opportunities. Almost half of the students in this countries 50 largest schools fail to get a high school diploma(Whitaker 3).

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You are smart don’t have a mental shut down because your having problems. Remember things are rough all over. To conclude, I encourage you friend to finish your high school. High school teaches you new things, and it prepares you, helps you decide what you want to be become in the future. I’m encouraging you to not quit and think about it twice and not drop out look at all the opportunities you have and all you can do it !


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