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‘I heard The Owl Call My Name’ is a novel that is written by Margaret Craven which is about the Twenty-Eight year old vicar Mark Brian who is sent to a remote village of Kingcome by the Bishop. The Bishop sends him knowing that Mark is suffering from a fatal disease in order to learn life’s hard lesson in the time left for him. Mark is unaware of his terminal illness. Through various experiences and inter-relationships, Mark learns from the villagers and they also learned a lot from him. After spending one year there, he considers the small Kingcome village his home ?and family, and they considered him as part of them. Mark learns the relative value of time, the peace, happiness and sense of accomplishment gained from suffering and struggling with others. The Theme of the Novel could be ‘Clashes of Cultures might be unavoidable but they are often accompanied by tragedy’. In here the theme connects to the reality in the bigger picture and it will be explained according to the elements of the novel which are the sSetting, characters that are involved in the novel, the plot, point of view and themes and symbols in which the novel is told.
To begin with, the setting refers to the place and time where the story takes place.ook place and also the atmosphere. The novel is set against the mountains and waters of British Columbia, a western province of Canada and is located north of Washington State. It follows Mark Brian, a young priest, from Vancouver to his mission at the outpost of Kingcome Village on the coast. There, the small Kwakiutl tribe lives off the sea and its bounty. This novel took place during the 1960′ during an eighteen month period and was published in 1969. The background of the Setting mainly concentrates on the Northwest Coast. One of six major cultural regions of native peoples of North America, the Northwest Coast extends from northern British Columbia to southern British Columbia. Northwest peoples include the Kwakiutl and the Haida. Notable features of Northwest cultures were an economy based largely on salmon fishing, a mythology that was elaborated in symbolic, carved door posts and totem poles and the central role of the cedar tree and potlatch celebrations involving elaborate meals and present-giving. Extensive contact with Europeans in the eighteenth century resulted in the spread of disease and conversion to European ways. Only in the 1940s did native groups begin to repopulate the villages and revive their traditional languages and art. The setting is not stable, it changes as Mark Brian moves from Canadian Anglican Parish where he served under an older bishop to the native village of Kingcome to serve the Kwakiutl population there


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