I add a new dimension of the Interior

I am pleased to write this statement in order to apply for an Erasmus exchange program. I am a student of BA (Hons) Interior and Spatial Design and I wish to be put forward for the study abroad programme at IED Milan to study Interior Design course. Studying abroad will give me an opportunity to improve my basic Italian language skills but also explore a different culture and absorb an architectural and urban side of Italy.

 My work focuses on technical drawings of the survey space, digital media skills and laser cut practice. But also some artistic media such as watercolour and making model. By choosing course modules at IED Milan Interior Design with furniture making, I believe I am gaining a great opportunity to increase the depth and breadth of my interior and spatial knowledge. By studying the first year at University of Arts London and having a possibility to be on exchange programme will add a new dimension of the Interior Space.

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I believe that a final year of my degree, after having studied at IED Milan will provide me with a  deeper understanding the skills and I will begin to interweave the narrative story of the design.The primary reasons for choosing the IED Milan university is the interaction with the Italian design system and cooperating with Italian/international Designers, businesses that producing furniture and lamps. Those skills can be very useful in my future career of Interior Designer and it is definitely and new rewarding proficiency. I am hoping to learn those tools that will allow me to explore my ideas through traditional drawings and digital media, assess and present a project from the briefing to the final presentation to the audience. Moreover, I have a strong personality that easily adapts to new environment I also experienced leaving aboard before and this taught me how to cope with those challenges. Studying in London, it was my first experience of being away from home where I had to learn a foreign language. I was eighteen when I have arrived in the United Kingdom and I knew how important is to build a relationship with people. Learning a foreign language has played a significant role in my education and perspective.

I hope that being on the exchange will admit meeting new people and will help me to work in the team with a different perspective that will challenge me. Through learning languages and cultures, I have learnt to respect other people’s identity and take every experience as a unique as each person brings something particular.Furthermore, an exchange opportunity will benefit my practice in the long period. This is a chance in my life where I can explore another part of the world while continuing my education. This programme will enable me to practice the Italian language skills, familiarize myself with the cultural norms and style of designing and architecture.

While returning to London I intend to apply the knowledge into my further work but I also aim to share my experience with other students at my course and continue to be active at Chelsea College of Arts London.


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