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I know we do not see eye to eye anymore. But when have we really? We do not agree on these rights as a whole, and you do not support me at all in these circumstances. It is hard to be a women in this time.

We are not treated as equals to men, and I find that very disturbing and not right for many reasons. I guess this is why I am writing you this letter. I need to explain to you why I feel this way.

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In most states, they have stretched out the establishment to every white man, paying little respect to how much cash or property they had. In the meantime, a wide range of change bunches were multiplying over the United States. Restraint groups, religious developments, moral-change social orders, abolitionist subjection associations and in a significant number of these, ladies assumed an unmistakable part.

I am encouraged to be in these groups to discuss the lesser power of women, that men think we are. I make sure that I show my opinion as much as possible in these debates. Amid the 1850s, the ladies’ rights development accumulated steam, however lost energy when the Civil War started. Very quickly after the war finished, the fourteenth Amendment and the fifteenth Amendment to the Constitution brought up recognizable issues of suffrage and citizenship. A group of us ladies are in a something called National Woman Suffrage Association.

Here, we fight and fight for a suffrage amendment for the constitution. This interest for the liberation of American ladies was first genuinely figured at the Seneca Falls Convention. After the Civil War, disturbance by ladies for the poll turned out to be progressively vociferous. Then, in any case, a fracture created among women’s activists over the proposed fifteenth Amendment, which gave the vote to dark men. Many others declined to support this alteration since it didn’t give women the vote.

Different suffragists, be that as it may, including activists, contended that once the dark man was liberated, women would accomplish their objective. I believe that this is important. We need to fight for what we believe in and not let our guards down.

Because of this contention, two associations rose. Stanton and Anthony framed the National Woman Suffrage Association to work for suffrage on the government level and to press for more broad institutional changes, for example, the conceding of property rights to wedded women. Women play a big part in this world. Some may say that we make the world go round. We are more than housewives. Women are making comebacks by going to school and earning what we deserve. We are able to have jobs that men have, just because we are women, does not mean we can’t do these things.

We are definitely able to vote and give our opinion. It is important for everyone to consider that people can make a difference, especially women. I will continue to share my story of how I fight for what I want and show the world what it can really be. I encourage all women to stand up for themselves and to be in these groups that help women with the rights that we deserve.


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